L a i d - u p   P a n e l s
Creative Cabinets, Inc. has in-house a $150,000 Black Bros. Cold Press Laminating Line capable of producing first quality laid-up panels at the rate of 25 per hour, or 200 per 8-hour shift. We use this capability not only for our own projects, but also offer it as a service to smaller millwork shops

Black Bros. Cold Press Laminating Line

I n c r e a s e   Y o u r   P r o f i t s
Smaller millwork shops can increase profits by subcontracting laid-up panel work to Creative Cabinets, while being assured of using panels that meet their quality standards, as well as prescribed schedules.

Laid-up panels from Creative Cabinets offer the following advantages:
  • More economical than traditional laminating method, with cost savings passed on to the customer
  • Each two-sided panel can be laid-up in less than 6 minutes, versus 30 to 40 minutes by the traditional method
  • More environmentally friendly than the traditional method, as no spray glue is used
  • Can be used for thicknesses from ¼" to 1½"
  • Can accommodate panel sizes up to 5' x 12'
  • We provide free just-in-time delivery to your door
T h e   B o t t o m   L i n e
Our Laminating Line is cheaper, faster AND better!

To learn more about how Creative Cabinets can help your millwork shop increase profits through subcontracting laid-up panel work, please Contact Us.